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It's Just like Going to Grandma's!

When you are traveling you want peace of mind that your dog is getting the same, if not more, attention than she gets when you are home.


Sitter Hound will thoughtfully match your dog up with a loving dog sitter and your dog will stay at their home with all the amenities and luxuries of a clean and comfortable dog-friendly Sitter Hound home.

Sitter Hound Dogs are Treated as Furry Family Members

Sitter Hound dogs are NOT kept in crates all day and only given potty breaks and meals. Your dog can follow her "home habits" while at a sitter's home. If Trooper is allowed on the furniture at home, he is welcome to lounge on the sofa. If Roxie eats chicken soup and rice 4 times a day, she will be catered to accordingly at her Sitter Hound home. If Charlie and Lola need lots of exercise to release excess energy, they will go on walks and get lots of playtime. And of course, if Penelope needs medication, given a certain way with cheese and peanut butter, that's perfectly normal at Sitter Hound. All the extras and no extra costs.


Is Your Dog a "Social Butterfly"
or an "Only" Dog?

We understand that each dog has her own personality. While most dogs are social and enjoy the company of other dogs, some dogs are anxious or aggressive around other dogs or just need their own personal space. We can make sure that your dog is an "only" dog at your Sitter Hound sitter's home.

 I get to sleep on the sofa just like at home.


Come for a Day of Play at Day Camp!

Have a long day of work or activities planned? Day Camp offers the same benefits as drop-off overnight sitting except your dog gets to go home tired at the end of the day.

Locally Owned and Operated

Accessible and Prepared




Selected and Protected

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