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Want to Be in the Sitter Hound Pack?

Sitter Hound is growing and looking to expand its team. We are looking for dog-loving people with varying levels of experience to be dog sitters in your own home and stay@home sitters in the dog's home.



We offer a compensation with the sitters receiving a generous direct portion of each service fee. Depending on how often you choose to dog sit, you can earn a significant supplemental income. We provide you with as many bookings that you can accommodate, select dogs that match up with what you can provide, handle the initial set up and then you work directly with the dog's people to make the specific arrangements.


Careful Selection Process

Each Sitter Hound sitter is personally interviewed and carefully background-checked. We're eager to meet with you and share the exciting and fulfilling job of caring for dogs as part of our Sitter Hound team. Please contact us and we'll review your experience and schedule a time to meet.



Sitter Hound is insured and bonded with insurance especially created to protect our sitters and their families, as well as, our clients' property, if you are going into clients' homes.


Accessible Managers

Sitter Hound management, Jack and Ann Mayer Eisen, is available for questions and emergency backup if the need should arise. You are never alone in solving behavior, medical and other issues. Jack and Ann are just a phone call away and are local if you need help.


Proudly St. Louis

To serve our community best, we are looking for people in many areas of St. Louis and St. Louis County. Having sitters in different areas is an important aspect of keeping Sitter Hound local. Clients love having a sitter who lives nearby, making it easier to drop off and pick up their dogs.


Who can be a Sitter Hound Team Member?

Of course, dog professionals and people who love the company of dogs who are dedicated to making all dogs comfortable and happy make great Sitter Hound team members. Dog sitting fits well into several different lifestyles.


People who work at home, retirees and stay-at-home parents are ideal for sitting in their homes because dogs love the constant companionship of someone just being home and available to them as needed. Families and couples often mimic the dogs' normal lifestyle and thus make great sitters in their homes. 


Students are a great fit for our stay@home sitters. You get a break from living with others to be alone in the sole company of dogs. Sitters need not be home all day but should have some daytime flexibility and are expected to sleep at the dog's home through the night.


People with flexible schedules who wish to work part-time or want to supplement another part-time job or college classes make great dog sitters.


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