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Our other Services...

While our main focus is dog sitting, we can provide other services in some circumstances. Call us to find out if we can help you with your dog's needs. 

NEW! Want Your Dog at Your Wedding?

Your dog is a big part of your family and you want her to be part of your big day. We can help. Introducing Sitter Hound's newest service: Wedding Dog Helpers. We can transport your dog to and from the wedding, help your photo session include your dog and more. And who wants to wake up after their wedding night to a dog that needs to pee? We can offer wedding night dog sitting that can conveniently extend into your honeymoon. Pricing varies based on needs. Call us for all the details. 

Need a Ride?

Are you finding it difficult to get your dog to the groomer sometimes? Sitter Hound can help with transportation to the groomer or anywhere your dog needs to go. 

Help with Medical needs?

Our Sitter Hound team members can also provide assistance when you are not able to take your dog to the vet for an emergency or a routine check-up. Although we feel it is best that you are with your dog at vet visits, we also realize that being there is not always possible. We can also administer medicines at times when you are not able to. We're here to help.

I'm Hungry!

Sometimes your schedule just doesn't cooperate with your dog's needs. You have to work late and your dog needs to have dinner and a potty break. If you know that is a possibility, contact Sitter Hound and see if we can be on board as a back up helper.

Wanna Go for a W-A-L-K?*

Working long hours, traveling for a day, have a new puppy at home? Sitter Hound may be able help! A Sitter Hound walker will come to your home to give your dog loving attention, take him on a walk or just let him out for a potty break if that's more his style. Your dog's walker will even send you a photo to show when they were there. 

* In regards to dog walking services, because Sitter Hound's focus is primarily dog sitting, we do not take on many daily walks and we are not able to serve all areas of St. Louis. However feel free to contact us as we may be able to accommodate your dog walking needs.

my Sitter Hound friend takes me to my vet for my monthly injection. He even tries to make it fun!

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